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Mindless Thoughts

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Have you ever been to a meeting where the discussion wanders too far from the core subject of the meeting and your minds starts wandering further into a state of “mindless thoughts”? This is what you do with your mindless thoughts … Source: Mindless Thoughts from attending a long monotonous…

Creative India, Innovative India: National IPR Policy

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Recently, National IPR Think Tank published the IPR policy – Its a step in right direction – at least we started thinking in this direction. “Policy” sounds opposite to “Innovation” – the very concept of innovation is freedom from traditional thinking but policy means restrictions i.e. taking away the…

Dynamic Utility from Indian Patent Office

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The Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks recently launched a couple of features on online search services for patents and trademarks to make the search process easier and provide transparent results. The features include innovative tools such as “Stock and Flow”- a utility which existed for trademarks, has now…

Patent Portfolios – Apple vs Microsoft vs Google

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The patent portfolios of major companies can be worth billions of dollars. There are many factors that drive this value, such as the area of the technology, the quality of the patents – and the similarity with other patent portfolios. The similarity between a patent portfolio and others in the…

Monetize patents to fund the public good

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Source: THE CHALLENGE FOR NON-PROFIT INSTITUTIONS Since 1980, the Bayh-Dole Act has allowed US non-profit institutions to benefit financially from intellectual property they created using government funding, Many large non-profit research institutions have offices for developing, transferring, and commercializing intellectual property. However, not every non-profit institution is able to…

Examiners Begin Issuing Alice Rejections for Software

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Source: A friend who handles large numbers of software patent applications for some of the most elite technology companies sent me an e-mail late last week about what he has already started seeing coming from patent examiners. He says he has seen the below form paragraph twice within a…

Patent Mining: 3 Tips To Successfully Navigate The Crowded IP Marketplace

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Source: Do you want to make marked improvements to your company’s bottom line while also maximizing shareholder value? Patent mining, coupled with methods for extracting value from your IP portfolio, is capable of producing very positive results. Fifteen years ago, corporate income from patent licensing in the U.S. was…

Federal Circuit’s X2Y Attenuators Decision Reinforces The Importance Of Drafting Patents For Litigation

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Source: On July 7, 2014, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion in X2Y Attenuators, LLC v. International Trade Commission, which underscores the importance of carefully drafting patent applications with an eye toward litigation. The decision also demonstrates why form often dominates over substance in patent litigation….

Patent Services

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For Plaintiffs: Due diligence support – both technical and legal such as validity search, checking for estoppels, any inequitable conduct objections that may come, fees etc. Searching for infringement and relevant evidence. Reverse engineering (Software only) and physical testing for features and parts (mobile phones, tablets, e-books, software solutions etc.)…

The Battle to Patent Human Stem Cells is On

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Source: Well, it appears that in the European Court of Justice, one decision could change the entire landscape of stem cell research, after years of “being quiet” in the mainstream media. The most recent news is that a top advisor to the court suggested that researchers should be able…