Creative India, Innovative India: National IPR Policy

Creative India, Innovative India: National IPR Policy

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Recently, National IPR Think Tank published the IPR policy – Its a step in right direction – at least we started thinking in this direction.

“Policy” sounds opposite to “Innovation” – the very concept of innovation is freedom from traditional thinking but policy means restrictions i.e. taking away the freedom. It might be a more appropriate to call it guiding framework to promote a holistic and conducive ecosystem to catalyze the full potential of intellectual property for India‚Äôs economic growth and socio-cultural development. Here are the seven objectives from the document –

1. IP Awareness and Promotion: To create public awareness about the economic, social and cultural benefits of IP among all sections of society for accelerating development, promoting entrepreneurship, enhancing employment and increasing competitiveness.

2. Creation of IP: To stimulate the creation and growth of intellectual property through measures that encourage IP generation.

3. Legal and Legislative Framework: To have strong and effective laws with regard to IP rights that are consistent with national priorities and international obligations and which balance the interests of rights owners with public interest.

4. IP Administration and Management: To modernize and strengthen IP administration for efficient, expeditious and cost effective grant and management of IP rights and user oriented services.

5. Commercialization of IP: To augment commercialization of IP rights; valuation, licensing and technology transfer.

6. Enforcement and Adjudication: To strengthen the enforcement and adjudicatory mechanisms for combating IP violations, piracy and counterfeiting; to facilitate effective and speedy adjudication of IP disputes; to promote awareness and respect for IP rights among all sections of society.

7. Human Capital Development: To strengthen and expand human resources, institutions and capacities for teaching, training, research and skill building in IP.

Objectives 2, 5 and 7 are very interesting since Government is taking steps to do what a capitalistic economy should do.

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