Dynamic Utility from Indian Patent Office

Dynamic Utility from Indian Patent Office

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The Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks recently launched a couple of features on online search services for patents and trademarks to make the search process easier and provide transparent results. The features include innovative tools such as “Stock and Flow”- a utility which existed for trademarks, has now been extended to patents also. Reports suggest that the Indian Patent Office is the first in the world to achieve such transparency. The stock and flow facility has made work happening in the Patent Office public and, shows stock and flow at different locations on a real time basis on the official website. The facilities are commendable and indeed a big step towards transparency. In this post I’ll introduce each tool. Please click on the corresponding image to enlarge it.

These tools allow search of granted and published patents, status of patent, access to examination reports – all this information on a real time basis.
a) Expired/ceased Patents- This is a tool to provide access to the Patents that have ceased to be in effect under section 53 (2). The status of the patent is updated dynamically and the user has access to the complete Patent Document and E-register.Space
b) Disposal of Patent Applications- This is a tool to provide disposal reports for: patents granted, refused and applications abandoned under section 21(1). The reports are available location-wise and group-wise based on a particular month of a year or between a particular set of dates.
c) Request for Examination status of issued FERs (First Examination Reports)- This is a tool to display information about month and year of ‘Request for Examination(RQ) being examined and ‘First Examination Reports (FERs)’ being issued. Again this information is available location wise and group wise on real-time basis. The user can intimate the office if the RQ has not been examined yet by clicking on a button for the purpose.
d) Dynamic FER view- This is a tool to display the ‘First Examination Report (FER)’ dynamically. Reports can be accessed for particular year and month, location wise, group-wise. You can also access all the FERs issued for a particular month and a particular group in that year.
e) Dynamic status of Patent Application (As per field of invention)- This tool provides information on ‘Working of Patents’ (under section 146) and access to the information received from Patentee regarding working of Patented Invention. It is available for the complete data of year 2012 and 2013, can be accessed location-wise and year-wise based on various parameters.
f) Stock and Flow based Dynamic Patent Utility- This tool provides the applicant with a facility to view the patents under different stocks and the flow of patent applications pending at various stages of the functioning of the patent.
Dynamic utility facility in trademarks
These tools have been introduced to make available to the public the status of various functions performed by the Trademarks registry on real time basis. One can access the following reports : Examinations of trademark applications, show cause hearings , publications in the trademark journal, registrations of trademarks, otherwise disposal of applications (i.e. by way of abandonment, refusal etc.) done and notices issued -month wise or date wise, International registrations designating India.
Stock and Flow based Dynamic Trademark Utility- This tool provides applicants with a facility to view a particular trademark under different stocks and, the flow of trademark applications pending at various stages of the functioning of the Registry. The reports may be obtained in the following categories: New Application received for registration of Trademarks, Awaiting Examination, Under Examination, Post Examination, Under Show cause Hearing, Published and awaiting oppositions, Under opposition, Under registration process, Registered.

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