$130 Patent Insurance

$130 Patent Insurance

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Source: http://info.edisonnationmedical.com/protecting-your-great-idea?utm_campaign=Edison%20Nation%20Medical&utm_content=6577588

Have a great idea to improve health care? Before you share your idea, it’s important to know some key things about patent law to protect your invention while you navigate through the complicated patent process. Paul Tomita, an expert in intellectual property law, shares insights on how to protect your invention to avoid the mistakes that inventors frequently make in his article, “$130 Patent Insurance.”

Tomita advises that a key first step is to not talk about your great idea with anyone before they sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Or at least tell the person receiving the information that your invention is confidential and make a written record of the conversation. Mark all written documents with “CONFIDENTIAL”.

In the US, you have one year to file a provisional patent application once a public disclosure of your invention has been made. This is not true for other country’s – in many countries you will lose your patent rights immediately if there is a public disclosure. Tomita walks the inventor through the filing of a Provisional Patent Application and equates filing a provisional patent as insurance that protects your patent rights for one year.

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